Clear The Air: 4 Reasons Why Medical Cannabis’ Stigma is Fading

March 22, 2017
First Harvest Financial


Twenty years ago, few would have been able to envision the acceptance American society is now showing toward cannabis use. The War on Drugs, among other acts, unfairly punished medical cannabis users and damaged the potential for a cannabis-based industry for decades. The plant was placed beside dangerous drugs, such as cocaine or heroin, while the alcohol industry was allowed to boom. In turn, this caused society to develop a negative connotation towards cannabis and its practical use in our country.

In the present day, the amazing benefits of medical marijuana for people and our economy are being seen firsthand. In order to help you understand this, below are four reasons why medical cannabis’ stigma is fading.

1. Medical cannabis is completely safe
Within the last few years, the true safety of medical cannabis use has been widely published and reported to society. While people used to assume that cannabis killed brain cells, it has been made readily apparent that this is simply not true. In addition, a number of high-strength prescription medications, such as opioid based pain killers, have been linked to widespread abuse and death. Given this contrast, society has widely accepted the fact that medical cannabis is a much safer alternative to many mainstream pharmaceuticals.

2. Medical cannabis is proven to treat a wide variety of medical conditions
While the push for medical cannabis was once centered on treating one known medical condition, glaucoma, medical research into the plant has come a long way in the past few years. In fact, doctors have discovered that cannabis can treat dozens of known medical conditions which would otherwise require expensive and potentially dangerous prescription drugs. These conditions include asthma, cancer, chronic pain, epilepsy, Crohn’s Disease, Sclerosis, and several others. Given cannabis’ widespread application for treating some of the most devastating diseases in our world, it becomes immediately clear why the stigma surrounding cannabis has faded so quickly.

3. Smoking is not the only method of using medical cannabis
No matter how safe medical cannabis may be, many people cannot support the idea of smoking any medication as a means of treatment, especially since the tobacco industry has left a noticeable wound on the health of society. This idea of “lighting up” has been one of the driving factors behind medical cannabis’ overarching stigma. That was until a few years ago. Given the number of states which have legalized the use of medical cannabis, the industry has been able to produce a number of cannabis products which can treat illness without requiring patients to smoke. These products include cannabis-based foods, teas, lotions, oils, and pills.

4. Cannabis is not considered a street drug anymore
When cannabis was completely illegal in all 50 states, it was often associated with those drugs that have wreaked havoc within our society. Given the number of people who have faced addiction to substances like cocaine, amphetamines, and heroin, it is no surprise that people unfairly associated cannabis with these drugs due to its legal status. In the present day, many state governments have given the green light to businesses to properly regulate and sell cannabis within their borders. As more and more people witness the responsible purchase and use of medical cannabis, its stigma as a street drugs is quickly disappearing. Even those who are caught purchasing cannabis through the black market have seen reduced penalties for their crimes.

The medical cannabis industry is quickly becoming a solid investment. Furthermore, investing in the space helps advance medical technologies that could benefit countless patients. To learn more about the services First Harvest Financial offers, call 813-563-3042 or visit