New Processing Standards for Medical Marijuana Would be set Under Bill Sent to Governor

September 22, 2016
First Harvest Financial

Lawmakers in the state of California intend to send legislation to the governor regarding the manufacture of medical cannabis. At the same time, the University of California plans to conduct a study that investigates how marijuana use affects motor skills.

California is preparing to issue licenses to marijuana growers and sellers in 2018. Voters are currently considering a November proposition that would legalize recreational use of marijuana in the state.

Ken Cooley, state Assemblyman, and other government officials would exempt medical cannabis manufacturers from criminal penalties if they meet state-imposed requirements. The processes must be devoid of solvents, or if solvents are used, they must be nonflammable and nontoxic.

“Recent raids and busts on the ground have highlighted the need for this bill,” said Rob Bonta, Assemblyman and co-author of the proposed bill.

Ken Cooley alleviated fears of absent enforcement for the bill by declaring that the Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation would be able to provide the necessary enforcement.

“As the bureau ramps up licensure programs and puts regulations in place, it is important that local governments have clarification about what types of manufacturing and extraction are allowed,” declared Ken Cooley.

The California Cannabis Industry Association is the organization that drafted the measure. It vows to protect the health and safety of patients who are in need of medical cannabis.

Groups that oppose recreational usage claim that it will sharply increase car accidents within the state of California. For more information regarding new processing standards for medical marijuana, [Click Here].