Using Medical Cannabis for Opioids Sparing and Opioids Tapering in Chronic Pain

March 11, 2017
First Harvest Financial

Medical marijuana is becoming more and more renowned for its medicinal use and applications. Each year, more people than ever begin to acknowledge its potential as a form of treatment for patients with debilitating ailments. As time goes on, medical cannabis research refines the treatments so they become more and more effective.

Chronic pain has evolved into a major issue over the last ten years. Today, there are approximately 80 million people who have been diagnosed with chronic pain. As a result, opioid prescriptions are increasing at an exponential rate, with a significant amount of prescriptions being benzodiazepines. This stems from relatively loose guidelines regarding prescriptions, which allows them to be provided for non-malignant pain, and from elaborate marketing campaigns that are geared toward making consumers think opioids are the only solution.

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